I thoroughly enjoy interacting with students and relaying the concepts used in my research through the class setting. One specific instance of this is when I gave three lectures in Dr. O’Malley’s “Introduction to Robotics.” In addition, I have held several teaching assistant positions, which I have found both challenging and rewarding. My responsibilities have included: holding help sessions, teaching lectures, proctoring exams, and grading homework.


Guest Lecturer
Rice University
Introduction to Robotics: MECH498/598 (2018)
Modeling of Dynamic Systems: MECH 343 (2012 – 2013)


Teaching Assistant
Rice University
Design of Mechatronic Systems:  MECH 488/588 (2015)
Nonlinear Systems:  MECH 508 (2014)
Fundamentals of Control Systems:  MECH 420 (2014)
Mechanical Design Applications:  MECH 401 (2013)
Modeling of Dynamic Systems:  MECH 343 (2012 – 2013)


University of Massachusetts Amherst
Strengths of Materials: MIE 211 (2011)



In addition to teaching and publishing, outreach is an essential piece to research. Giving back to the community through STEM outreach to K-12 students helps to improve awareness of STEM fields as well as providing everyone the opportunity to pursue their dreams.


  • Career Day at Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School (2015 – 2016):  Presented to five separate classes about my experience as a mechanical engineer, specifically relating to developing robotic technologies
  • Career Day at Lonnie B. Keller Middle School in Pasadena, TX (2015):  Presented to four classes at career day about being a graduate student in mechanical engineering researching robotics
  • Research Advisor, Rice Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering Summer Academy (2013 – 2014):  Mentored a senior high school student for a two week project, culminating in a five minute poster presentation, on balancing an inverted pendulum with a PD controlled DC motor through analog and digital control implementations
  • Tutor, Old School After School Care (2012 – 2014):  Volunteered weekly at an after school care for middle school aged children in the Houston area, tutoring in math, science, language, and history
  • College Captain, Great Minds in STEM National Awareness Day Program  (2012):  Volunteered for the Viva Technology program at Rice School in Houston, TX, where I motivated and aided the students in their three engineering challenges
  • Lab Tours (2012 – Present):  Participated in several lab tours including outreach tours to STEM students ranging from grades K-12